About Us


DynoVelocity is a female owned and operated consultancy certified by The State of New Jersey. We specialize in Project Management, Computer System Validation, FDA Compliance and all aspects of Quality Services. We are best known for our technical expertise in scientific and engineering equipment.

The company was founded by Mary Jo Egbert, PMP. Mary Jo assisted in Genetics Research at Kings College of London, England and is a graduate of Georgian Court University. She has been published in The Association for Women in Science magazine as well as The Asbury Park Press and U.S. 1 newspapers.

Mary Jo has consulted at Fortune 500 companies such as Roche, Stryker and Johnson & Johnson. She was personally recognized by Yale University for delivering quick, innovative technical solutions.


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Our Advantages

DynoVelocity provides uniquely qualified and highly dedicated professionals that are committed to your project. Our consultants are skilled in the state of the art instrumentation and are well versed in the latest regulations. With a focus on each individual client, we provide quick, effective customized solutions.


Individualized Approach

We understand that "one size fits all" does not apply to this fast paced business climate. Our consulting services are tailored to each individual client. Whether the need is part time, full time, permanent, temporary or expert consultant, or simply advice, we have the resources to meet your needs.

Customized Solutions

DynoVelocity provides customized solutions to each client based on their individual needs. This keeps our clients ahead of the competition and on the cutting edge.

Proven Track Record

We have a proven track record of delivering GLP, GMP and Part 11 projects on time and on budget. Whether your project is large or small, we'll meet your deadline.

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DynoVelocity System Risk Assessment Tool

"Early prevention is the key. As time progresses the impact (costs, time, etc.) of mistakes exponentially increase." - Mary Jo Egbert, PMP


This Excel Risk Assessment Tool was built by Mary Jo to evaluate the whole system (hardware-software) early in validation activities. It consists of the most critical risks facing scientific instruments and engineering equipment in the GxP Industries today.


Features include a drop down menu format that makes it easy for professionals to step through and weigh each individual risk. Once the macros are enabled, single clicking on a cell will turn it yellow. Users may then right click to return the cell to a white coloring. Professionals find this coloring feature helpful in tracking their progress, as well as for highlighting key risks. Please note old versions of Microsoft Excel may not display this tool properly. You must use Excel 2010 or newer for PC, Excel 2011 or newer for MAC.


DynoVelocity System Risk Assessment Excel Tool v1.1