"Saved $41,500. off the bottom line of our $122,000. project."

Our instrument qualification project had been budgeted at $122,000. Mary Jo came in, updated the original plan and fast tracked the project.


The project was successfully completed two months ahead of the original schedule date, saving us $41,500.


We invited Mary Jo back for multiple projects and she consistently delivered results on time that exceeded our expectations.

483 Resolution

Mary Jo's written materials stood up to FDA scrutiny, our problems were solved.

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Our Clients

Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Consumer Product and Cosmetic companies have benefited from our services.

To protect and maintain the privacy of our clients, specific client information will not be posted on this website. Client letters of reference and contact information will be furnished upon request.


Branded and generic Pharmaceutical companies have benefited from our services. We've lead clients through the complexity of regulations surrounding manufacturing. We've provided innovative R&D solutions. Whether a fortune 500 Pharmaceutical or start up Biotech, we provide solutions that work.


Medical Devices

Fortune 500 Medical Devices companies have benefited from our services. Whether a diabetes test kit or hip replacement system, our experts are there to provide support. We are proud to partner with Medical Device companies in their efforts to help people live more active and fulfilling lives.


Consumer Products and Cosmetics

Our Cosmetic clients are on the cutting edge of beauty technology. Featured in Vogue and other leading magazines, their products have revolutionized the industry. Behind the scenes, in the laboratories, we have provided expert advice.


Household name laundry detergent's and personal care items are the focus of our Consumer Products clients. We've provided solutions which reduced laboratory sample turn around time while keeping quality in focus. Together with our Consumer Product clients, we help people look and feel their best.